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music gear review: powered mixers

Highly compact and easy to setup, many churches use powered mixers in their PA systems. Equipped with built-in power amplifiers, powered mixers eliminate the need for separate power amplifiers (and the necessary cabling) in your PA system. Typically used in conjunction with passive speakers and monitors, powered mixers are a popular choice for many congregations.

Powered Speakers and Monitors for Church PA SystemsIn addition, powered mixers often come equipped with on-board effects, meaning that you won't have to lug around separate effects/signal processing units for reverb, compression, etc...

While typically used in a mobile worship environment, powered mixers are also great for youth bands, or for groups that anticipate the need for outdoor and/or offsite worship services.

Usually rugged in their design, powered mixers often feature a simplified set of controls for running live sound, meaning that inexperienced A/V team members can quickly learn the ins-and-outs of running your PA system.


Yamaha EMX5016

Price: $1099.99

Key Features: 16 Channels, Feedback Suppression, Onboard Compression & Effects

Description: A great powered mixer for larger sanctuaries, the Yamaha EMX5016 is equipped with several key features that make it a versatile mixer for the worship environment. Some of the most notable features include a 3-band EQ on all channels, with a sweepable mid control on 8 mono channels.

In addition, the EMX5016 comes equipped with a feedback suppression system, frequency response correction, and onboard effects & compression. In addition, the Yamaha EMX5016 comes equipped with 500 watts/channel, meaning it's suitable for a wide range of live sound environments.





Peavey XR8300


Key Features: 300W/Channel, Onboard Effects, 7-Band Graphic EQ for Mains & Monitors

Description: A great mixer at an affordable price, the Peavey XR8300 features 10 line inputs, with 8 ultra-low-noise microphone preamps. In addition to delivering 300W/channel at 4 ohms, the XR8300 comes standard with 2 7-band graphic equalizers - one for your monitors, and one for your front of house speakers. Last but not least, the Peavey XR8300 is equipped with a Feedback Locating System that can assist with ringing out a room prior to the worship service.





Soundcraft GigRac 1000st


Key Features: 8 Channels, 2x 500W Power Amps, 3-Band Channel EQ's

Description: An easy to setup and easy to transport mixer, the Soundcraft GigRac 1000st features 8 channels, and 2 x 500 watts of power. In addition to offering CD player/MP3 player inputs, the GigRack 1000st also has a wide range of digital effects, making it easy to add reverb, delay, or other effects to your mix.





Samson XM410

Price: $295.00

Key Features: 6 Channels, 400 Watts, Rugged Design

Description: A highly-affordable mixer with enough power for a small to mid-sized sanctuary, the Samsom XM410 is ruggedly designed, featuring a high-impact ABS plastic chassis. Great for worship bands and congregations that worship in cafeterias, gyms, or other multi-purpose rooms, the Samson XM410 comes standard with 24-bit Digital Effects, and a 3-band EQ for each channel. In addition, the XM410 features RCA inputs/outputs, and a 7 band EQ for mains and monitors.




Yamaha EMX212S


Key Features: 200 Watts/Channel, 12 Inputs, SPX Effects

Description: The most budget-friendly mixer in the Yamaha EMX powered mixer line, the Yamaha EMX212S is well-equipped to handle the needs of a small to medium-sized congregation. In addition to a Feedback Channel Locating system, the EMX212S has inputs for 12 mics, instruments, or other audio sources. In addition, the EMX212S is durable, lightweight, and easy to use.




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