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Each week we'll be taking a look at some new and useful resources for your contemporary worship service. From PA systems and music gear, to technology in worship and new Christian music reviews, check back each week for the latest happenings in the world of contemporary worship!


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church website and church web design helpWhile it seems like a given that a church should have a strong web presence, many congregations struggle with the design, building, and maintenance of a clear, concise webpage for their various ministries. Read more about technology in contemporary worship...


album review: Ghosts Upon the Earth

Ghosts Upon the Earth is an album you need to listen to. Today. And tomorrow. It is an album through-and-through [as opposed to the normal collection of hopeful singles]. It is an album whose songs are so much more than simply serving as a vehicle for lyrics. Perhaps most importantly, Ghosts Upon the Earth is not simply a poor imitation of what one might hear on secular radio stations - it is at once authentic, faithful, engaging, and transformative. Read the entire review...


church pa systems: 5 powered mixers

5 powered speakers and monitors for church PA systemsHighly compact and easy to setup, many churches use powered mixers in their PA systems. Equipped with built-in power amplifiers, powered mixers eliminate the need for separate power amplifiers (and the necessary cabling) in your PA system.

Typically used in conjunction with passive speakers and monitors, powered mixers are a popular choice for many congregations. Read more about music gear for your worship band or church PA system...


a field guide to contemporary worship

Now available for purchase via Augsburg Fortress, A Field Guide to Contemporary Worship is a must-have guide for anyone thinking about starting a contemporary worship service, and an essential reference work for those wondering about the nuts and bolts of instrumentation, arranging, working with microphones and speakers, and much more!

A Field Guide to Contemporary WorshipWritten by a church musician and a pastor who have experienced the joys and challenges of this popular form of worship, A Field Guide to Contemporary Worship provides field-tested ideas and hints and a wealth of illustrations.

In this book you will learn how to form a worship team, how to build a repertoire, how to lead effective rehearsals, the basic of music arrangement and orchestration, how a PA system works, and how to arrange/assemble a sound system (including info on microphones and speakers).

If you've already been so kind as to purchase a copy [thanks, Mom], please make sure you take advantage of the supplementary material to the book found in the "Field Guide Extras" section. You'll find a ton of free contemporary worship resources, including a searchable index of contemporary worship songs organized by theme.

Order A Field Guide to Contemporary Worship (via Augsburg Fortress)


Guide to Worship & Shure

We're pleased to announce that we've recently partnered with Shure! While perhaps best known for making the legendary SM58 microphone, Shure is a leader in the world of professional audio.

Shure Microphones and Professional AudioWith products ranging from in-ear monitors to microphones for any application, we whole-heartedly recommend Shure for your church audio needs.

In addition to providing product support at our on-site consulting sessions, Shure offers several great online resources for churches and musicians alike. Shure Notes is a free publication that offers great tech tips, product information, and helpful articles - sign up for free and stay in the loop!




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