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Getting started on the "right foot" is key to a successful contemporary worship service. From planning a worship service, to outfitting and operating a PA system, to effective rehearsal techniques, we're here to help. Check out our customizable consulting sessions and sample breakout sessions for a sample of what we can offer your congregation.

Outlined below are a few sample consulting sessions that we've found to be helpful in forming, tweaking, or experimenting with a new worship style. For more information, including availablity and rates, please send us an email.


a field guide to contemporary worship

Now available for purchase via Augsburg Fortress, A Field Guide to Contemporary Worship is a must-have guide for anyone thinking about starting a contemporary worship service, and an essential reference work for those wondering about the nuts and bolts of instrumentation, arranging, working with microphones and speakers, and much more!

A Field Guide to Contemporary WorshipWritten by a church musician and a pastor who have experienced the joys and challenges of this popular form of worship, A Field Guide to Contemporary Worship provides field-tested ideas and hints and a wealth of illustrations.

In this book you will learn how to form a worship team, how to build a repertoire, how to lead effective rehearsals, the basic of music arrangement and orchestration, how a PA system works, and how to arrange/assemble a sound system (including info on microphones and speakers).

If you've already been so kind as to purchase a copy [thanks, Mom], please make sure you take advantage of the supplementary material to the book found in the "Field Guide Extras" section. You'll find a ton of free contemporary worship resources, including a searchable index of contemporary worship songs organized by theme.

Order A Field Guide to Contemporary Worship (via Augsburg Fortress)


Guide to Worship & Shure

We're pleased to announce that we've recently partnered with Shure! While perhaps best known for making the legendary SM58 microphone, Shure is a leader in the world of professional audio.

Shure Microphones and Professional AudioWith products ranging from in-ear monitors to microphones for any application, we whole-heartedly recommend Shure for your church audio needs.

In addition to providing product support at our on-site consulting sessions, Shure offers several great online resources for churches and musicians alike. Shure Notes is a free publication that offers great tech tips, product information, and helpful articles - sign up for free and stay in the loop!


contemporary worship consulting sessions

These sessions are designed to be hands-on and interactive - perfect for the worship team, band members, clergy, and lay leaders that have an interest in forming a unique, organic contemporary worship service.

Session 1: Why Contemporary, Why Now?

So who defines contemporary? What does it mean to add a contemporary worship service? Why is the North American Church of the 40's dead (or dying)?

contemporary worship service help and consultingThis session will take an in-depth look at what it means to be contemporary, and how to form a meaningful contemporary worship service in your congregation.

Additionally, we'll examine some creative methods for ordering a worship service, and some different approaches for worshipping "outside the box."

Session 2: Building a Contemporary Worship Service

Focusing on the liturgical and musical elements of the contemporary worship service, we'll examine the first steps you should take in forming a band, picking music that is lyrically relevant, and recruiting for help with the sound and video team.

From where to put the band inside the worship space, to musical examples of call to worship and hymn of praise songs, we'll focus on getting your service started on the right foot.

Session 3: The Equipment of Contemporary Worship

From PA systems to projectors, the average contemporary worship service employs a wide range of technology. From the basics of PA components and setup and operation, to the location of instruments inside the band, this session will focus on effective methods for setting up and amplifying your band. In addition, we'll take a close look at some video resources, including presentation software and projectors.

Session 4: Rehearsing the Band

With songs in place, and the basics of PA operation under our collective belts, we'll take a look at the inner workings of an effective and productive music rehearsal.

From pre-planning ideas to various troubleshooting techniques, this session is structured as a mock rehearsal, complete with audience participation. We'll go through different rehearsal strategies, including techniques for learning new music, and some for keeping "oldies" fresh.

Session 5: Arranging for Your Band

How do you get the music from the sheet to the ears of the congregation? What instruments are best suited for the contemporary worship band? This session will take a look at some creative techniques for adapting contemporary worship music to your ensemble.

contemporary worship consulting and helpAdditionally, we'll examine some recommended instrumentation setups, analyze some popular notation software(s), and make sure you're up to speed on the latest copyright information.

Session 6: Special Services

The Christmas and Easter seasons, while notoriously busy in the church community, also require a special approach when worshipping in a contemporary format.

Likewise, weddings, funerals, and other special services have a completely different feel than the average Sunday worship experience. This session will breakdown some of these events, taking a closer look at some special considerations that each may merit.

Session 7: Contemporary Worship Resources

Where can you find new music? How about some free videos and pictures to use during the worship service? What about open source software for developing a church website? This session will take a look at some great resources for your contemporary worship service.


contemporary worship breakout sessions

Available within the context of the consulting session, these breakout sessions are customizable to the needs of your congregation and service - don't see what you're looking for? We'll create something tailored to your needs!

Breakout Session 1: The Worship Rhythm Section

This session takes a closer look at the responsibilities of the bass guitarist and drummer inside of the contemporary worship ensemble. Topics also include auxilliary percussion, sample grooves, and basic equipment suggestions. Audience participation is encouraged.

Breakout Session 2: The Worship Guitarist

church sound systems & contemporary worship consultingWhat does it mean to play guitar in the contemporary worship band? How about guitar solos?

In this breakout, we'll discuss the various roles of the guitarist in the band, and examine some necessary (and unnecessary) equipment setups. Audience participation is encouraged.

Breakout Session 3: Mixing Live Sound

In this hands-on session, we'll examine some effective techniques to professionally amplify the contemporary worship band. Topics include establishing a gain structure, tuning the PA system, various instrumental and vocal amplification techniques, and the basics of mixer operation.

Breakout Session 4: Preaching with Images (info coming soon)


sample worship consulting schedules

Available in a 2-day and 3-day format, we'll be happy to customize a session to meet the needs of your congregation. Feel free to download the sample consulting schedules below, and contact us with for availability, rates, and any other questions you might have.

Contemporary Worship Consulting Schedule #12-Day Consulting Schedule


Contemporary Worship 3-Day Consulting Schedule3-Day Consulting Schedule


The sample consulting schedules require Adobe Reader to view. Click the icon below to dowload this free software.

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worship consulting reviews & comments


I can't begin to tell you how helpful our building committee found your consultation with our sound system design. Design and construction of our first, permanent church home is nearly overwhelming, all of it revolving about the sanctuary, where the quality of sound is a critical consideration. We appreciated your willingness to help us sort through the varied specifications bid out by potential subcontractors. Your feedback was especially helpful in relation to speakers, monitors, microphones and their respective placement, the recommendation of a separate electrical subpanel for the system itself, your encouragement to install as much wiring and capacity for future wiring, and the cost savings we incurred in following your suggestion to purchase some equipment on our own. Your technical expertise allowed us to approach this aspect of the building process with confidence and competence.

God bless, 

Pastor Jim Foster
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
1191 South Washington, Suite 150
Holland, Michigan 49423